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Couples Therapy

Reignite Your Love, Rebuild Your Bond
Soni Dani-Cox, LMFT

Soni Dani-Cox, LMFT

Soni guides couples from a place of humility and ongoing immersion in the evolving field of couples’ therapy. She has the skills, experience, and passion for effectively leading you back into connection and aliveness with your partner. Why work with a specialist?

Specialized Training

Working with couples is vastly different from working with individuals. The skill set and the whole mindset are different.

Soni has been actively immersed in couples work since 2015 when she began training in the Gottman Method. 

Soni has completed Gottman‘s level I  & II Clinical training.  Soni has also completed advanced training in Emotion Focused Therapy. Her work continues to be informed by ongoing continuing education and study of the evolving work of Sue Johnson (founder of EFT), Stephen Porges (polyvagal Theory), Dan Siegel (neuroscience-based approach), and others.  Soni is actively involved in professional group consultations for EFT couples therapy and the Gottman Method to receive ongoing training, consultation and feedback to enhance her work with couples.

Embrace the opportunity to heal, grow, and rediscover the love you once shared.