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About Soni Dani-Cox

Reignite Your Love, Rebuild Your Bond

Therapists can’t “fake it” when it comes to couples therapy. Therapists must complete training from institutes
devoted to teaching couples therapy to post­graduate therapists. These institutes focus on doing couples
therapy in a scientific and effective manner. This training requires coursework, supervision, and videotapes
to show your clinical work. This approach allows therapists to receive much feedback from supervisors and
peers. It’s a rigorous process to complete, but it means you’re assured of getting a top expert to work with you.

Soni Dani-Cox, LMFT

Soni Dani-Cox, LMFT

I’m Soni Dani­-Cox, the Founder and President of Restoration for Couples Inc. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. I have completed advanced training in the Gottman Method and Emotion Focused therapy for couples. I have additional training in 4 other organized approaches to helping couples.

In my practice, many couples who have worked with a generalist counselor have been disappointed with the therapy. All walked away with no tools. Many clients question why their therapist never address sex in couples therapy.

Online couples therapy is as effective as in-­person couples therapy. Yet, science based online work is 70% to 92% effective. Your success rate will depend on your level of motivation, and whether the training of your therapist is science based.

I have taken intensive classes and exams to demonstrate my knowledge IN couples therapy. This happened AFTER my formal training. It’s a specialty.


Embrace the opportunity to heal, grow, and rediscover the love you once shared.